Caring for winter bloomers - this is how it's done

Caring for winter bloomers - this is how it's done

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A wonderful winter bloomer: the witch hazel

They bloom when there is not much else going on in the garden: Bodnant snowball, witch hazel or winter jasmine. The great thing about taking care of these winter bloomers is very simple.

Maintain winter bloomers
Such flowers or bushes are an ornament in every snowy winter garden. They bloom especially on mild winter days, when the sun sends its rays to the earth and provides the first spring greeting. Then these plants open their flowers and delight everyone who sees them. And although they bloom in winter, you don't need to take care of them. For example, you do not need water because the snow or rain is sufficient.

Natural protective coat
You don't have to give these plants protection. Mother Nature gave them a natural protective coat. If it freezes outside and the flowers look frozen, then that's not a problem. With the first thaw they are in full splendor again. You don't even have to shake off the snow from the leafless branches. This slides down all by itself. You can see that these plants are easier to care for than any other and also add color to the winter garden.

Buy winter flowering plants
So if you don't want to do without flowering plants in winter, you should now quickly acquire a few such plants. On dreary winter days you can then enjoy the great colors of the flowers.


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