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Pull passion flower yourself - step by step instructions

Pull passion flower yourself - step by step instructions

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It is very easy to pull a passion flower yourself

Go with the breeders! Passion flowers are ideal for growing new varieties. Learn here how you can grow a passion flower yourself.

Pull passion flower yourself - step by step instructions
Growing a passion flower yourself is actually not that difficult. Maybe it will work for you and you will create an even nicer variety than the one you already have at home. If you want to give it a try, you should do the following:

  1. You need two different passion flowers. Cut off the stems from one. At the end, the yellow pollen sits on it, which can be recognized very well by its color. Do not grip the pollen with your fingers, but with tweezers.
  2. Now you have to pick up the yellow pollen with the tweezers and dab on the white stigmas of the flower of the second plant.
  3. You must now wrap this flower in a plastic bag. In the next few weeks, a fruit will develop that will carry the seed with the new genes.
  4. You must dry this seed and keep it safe until next summer. Only then can you sow it.

If you are lucky, you will get a completely new variety, which you can then give your own name. Just try it. You can never have enough of these flowers at home. After all, you can also use it as a remedy. The leaves are said to help with anxiety, nervousness, restlessness and sleep disorders.