Pests on houseplants - how to fight them

Pests on houseplants - how to fight them

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Aphids are really annoying

You can find pests on houseplants not only outdoors, but also indoors. Such pests like to nest in the room or in the winter garden.

Pests on houseplants
Here are five of the most common pests:

  1. Aphids: Just like outside, aphids feed on the sap of the plants that they suck from the leaves. Infested plants should be sprayed with a water jet. Lacewing larvae or gall mosquitoes help against the lice.
  2. Soot dew fungus: This fungus develops when the plants are infected with lice. The sooty fungus, also known as honeydew, arises from the excretion of the lice, which makes it difficult for the plant to breathe. Again, you should clean the plant well with water and cut off heavily infested leaves.
  3. Thrips: These pests suck the plants out. They have the property of jumping from sheet to sheet. So you can infect different plants. Noticeable: The leaves turn white. You can fight thrips with lacewings and predatory mites.
  4. White flies: The so-called moth scale insects also suck the juice from the leaves and produce honeydew. You can use parasitic wasps against these pests.
  5. Springtails: These are small, white insects. They occur when the wetness is too great. They can cause eating damage. To remedy this, you should repot the flowers and only pour over the trivet.