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Mealybugs on cacti - how to fight them?

Mealybugs on cacti - how to fight them?

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Mealybugs are also called mealybugs

If you have cacti at home, you don't need to take special care of them unless you have discovered mealybugs on the cacti.

Cacti are undemanding
Cacti are popular plants because they are usually quite undemanding and need little water. So you can also go on vacation without having to be watered regularly. In addition, there are many cacti that have wonderful flowers. If you are so easy to care for and prickly, you can not harm anything so quickly - you think. But cacti also have natural enemies. The so-called mealybug occurs especially in winter.

Mealybugs on cacti
Mealybug is often called mealybug. It belongs to the scale insects. It is small and white and feeds on the plant sap of the cacti. If you have discovered mealybugs on their cacti, you should first remove them with a used toothbrush. Then pour 20 milliliters of spirit and 15 milliliters of neutral soft soap into one liter of water. Dissolve the whole thing and spray your cacti so that they are dripping wet. You should repeat this procedure every few days. In this way you render the lice harmless and have peace again in front of them.