Do germination test - is it worth sowing at all?

Do germination test - is it worth sowing at all?

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If you do a germ test, you know whether it is worth sowing

Many gardeners collect and collect seeds from plants in the garden throughout the year. If you do a germ test, you can see whether it is worth sowing next year.

Collect or buy seeds
Many collect the seeds so that they can be used again in the next year and thus look after their own offspring. But the famous seed bags are also often bought in stores and are first deposited in the garden house or greenhouse. It is not uncommon for them to lie around there for a few years because they are forgotten or cannot be used at the moment. The result: The seeds are planted at some point and you wait in vain for the seeds to germinate. However, they have mostly lost their ability to germinate and will therefore no longer grow. To check whether the seeds are still OK, you can do a very simple germ test.

Do the germ test
Take a small plate, put a damp cloth or kitchen paper on it and sprinkle about 50 seeds on the surface. Now you have to cover the whole thing with cling film and place the plate on the windowsill at about 20 degrees. You must always keep the pad moist. If, after a few days, more than half of the seeds germinate, then sowing is worthwhile, if not, then away with it.


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