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Plant protection sprayers - which device is the right one?

Plant protection sprayers - which device is the right one?

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There are many different sprayers

When plants have diseases or pests, it is often impossible to avoid using a plant protection product. Certain sprayers are required for crop protection.

Select sprayers
Even if one should get by without, it is sometimes inevitable to use a pesticide. So that you can use the right devices for the respective location, we have put together a few important tips for you. After all, there are a lot of different sprayers. Depending on the area of ​​application, different devices are used here.

Plant protection sprayers

  1. For indoors: If you have to treat plants with protective agents inside your home, on window sills or in the winter garden, then fine sprayers with a capacity of one liter are ideal. They are very easy to transport due to their size and weight.
  2. Small garden: A small front garden has only a few beds and not too many plants. Here you should also use a fine sprayer that does not exceed a fill volume of two liters. This device is even easier to use because you do not have to constantly refill it.
  3. Medium-sized garden: Here sprayers should be used that work with larger pressure sprayers. You can use it to treat smaller trees very well. The filling quantity is between three and five liters.
  4. Large garden: You will hardly be able to avoid a piston sprayer that holds at least 15 liters. With a little effort, you can spray your plants evenly.


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