Feed Birds - Avoid buying bird food

Feed Birds - Avoid buying bird food

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Whether one should feed birds or not is a matter of opinion. If you do it, please do it correctly. Purchased bird feed is e.g. not suitable.

Birds love sunflower seeds

The question of whether or not to feed birds is not that easy to answer. Birds would certainly find enough food without our feeding. However, we make it easier for them in winter. Especially with long-lasting frost and a closed snow cover, because then the reserves for titmouse, finches, blackbirds and Co. become scarce. Without our help, the weaker birds would die. So it can't be wrong to feed birds. However, it only makes sense in winter when you can hardly find any food yourself.

For children, this is of course a true natural spectacle, because the animals can be observed at close range at the feeding points. This way children can easily get to know the different native bird species.

Avoid buying bird food

If you want to feed the birds, however, you should avoid buying bird food if possible. The bird feed bought is often enriched with sulfur. In addition, seeds of the ragweed plant are often found in purchased bird feed (more about this here). The problem: Ambrosia pollen is one of the strongest allergy triggers. Another reason to avoid buying bird food.

What should you feed?

Do not under any circumstances feed bread, because baked goods are an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Salty leftovers such as sausage, cheese and boiled potatoes as well as butter and margarine are also absolutely taboo. So you harm the little animals instead of helping them.

A simple mixture of grains of sunflower seeds, bran and oatmeal mixed with raisins is usually sufficient. You can also conjure up a feed bell from this mixture. You only need soft, unseasoned lard or coconut oil, a ribbon, a small branch and a clay pot. In this video you can find out how you can conjure up a food bell from it.

Plant flowers as a food source

Birds especially like sunflower seeds. It is easy to offer them here. Simply plant a few sunflowers in spring and leave them after flowering. The kernels mature and the birds then use them in winter.

Berry bushes are also a favorite food for birds. These natural feeds are also much healthier for the animals and at the same time you have beautiful plants in the garden that offer additional benefits. So leave all the fruit you don't want to eat on the bushes.

Seed-eating birds can be optimally cared for in winter by not cutting off seeds rich in seeds and flowers after flowering, but rather leaving them standing. These plants include, for example, nettles, thistles, burdock, cards and mugwort.

It is best to use feed silos for winter feeding

Feed silos are best suited for winter feeding because the birds do not run around in the feed and can contaminate it with feces. So no diseases spread. In addition, the feed does not spoil in it. Sales hit at Amazon is currently e.g. the GARDMAN bird feeder column. It is made of polished die-cast aluminum, can be cleaned quickly and has a filling volume of 600 grams.

Make sure that you set up the feed silo in such a way that animals such as cats, martens, etc. cannot get there. You should also position it so that it cannot be drenched in strong wind, snow and rain. The good thing: You only have to clean the feed silo once before the winter season and once after the winter season. Conventional bird feeders, on the other hand, have to be cleaned regularly with hot water.


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