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Plant ground cover - keep weeds at bay

Plant ground cover - keep weeds at bay

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Ground covers keep the weeds at bay

If you plant ground cover, you can really keep weeds at bay and fill up unsightly gaps in the garden.

Ground covers keep weeds at bay
Ground cover plants are plants that are just above the ground and grow in width and not in height. Where ground cover grows, weeds grow a lot less. But they are also popular in the shade, under trees and the like. You can of course plant them in any perennial border to make the border even more attractive. There are ground cover plants that are only green and ground cover plants that bloom wonderfully. We would like to introduce you to five ground cover plants.

5 ground cover

  1. Ornamental strawberry: wintergreen with small, edible fruits for sun to shade. Continuous flowering from May to August.
  2. Günsel: Evergreen and vigorous, it blooms between April and May and otherwise forms a green carpet.
  3. Hazel: hardly blooming from April to May, but an evergreen forest perennial, particularly suitable for shade and calcareous soils.
  4. St. John's wort: blooms in yellow tones from July to September, likes sun and shade and loves sandy soils.
  5. Elf flower: blooming light yellow from April to May with bronze foliage in winter.


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