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Pests on stone fruit - how to fight them

Pests on stone fruit - how to fight them

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You should open plums before eating them

Stone fruit is a fruit that has a large stone inside the fruit. They can also be attacked by pests. You can find out what pests are in stone fruit here.

Diseases and pests on stone fruit
Stone fruit includes cherries, peaches, plums and also plums. Like all other fruits, stone fruit is not immune to diseases and pests. We would like to introduce you to 5 diseases and pests:

  1. Plum wrapper: The fruits should always be opened before eating, because the plum wrapper is a worm that eats through the pulp. If you put corrugated cardboard catch belts around the trunk, you can prevent the caterpillars from reaching the tree top in autumn. Infested fruit should be disposed of immediately.
  2. Cherry fruit flies: These are white maggots that nest in the cherry and eat the pulp. To avoid the infestation, early varieties are suitable. You must destroy infested fruits. Cherry fruit fly traps can also help.
  3. Ruffling Disease: This fungus occurs mainly on peaches in April and May. He besieges the leaves and cripples them. You should remove infested shoots. Plant more resistant varieties.
  4. Frost tensioner: The large, green caterpillars eat up the leaves and flower buds from spring. Painting the tree helps to reduce the possibility of shelter for the frost tensioner. In autumn you should apply caterpillar glue rings.
  5. Aphids: Aphids also appear on stone fruit trees. They suck on the leaves and excrete honeydew. Affected shoots and branches must be removed over a large area.


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