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Diseases of soft fruit - how to fight them

Diseases of soft fruit - how to fight them

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Berries only taste delicious if they are healthy

In almost every garden you can find berries such as Find strawberries or raspberries. They can also be affected by diseases. You can find out about the diseases of soft fruit here.

Diseases and pests on soft fruit
Berries only taste delicious when they are healthy. Unfortunately, the delicious berries are often infested with diseases and pests. We would like to introduce you to the 5 most common diseases and pests on soft fruit:

  1. Gray mold: This fungal disease affects the fruit, forms brown spots and covers the entire fruit with a gray mold. To prevent this, the plants should be in a sunny position and get a lot of air. So don't plant them too tight. Soil loosening also makes sense.
  2. Raspberry beetle: Before snacking on raspberries, you should always take a look at the fruit, because there may be raspberry beetles that eat the fruit. The larvae are deposited in the flowers as early as spring. White sticky traps help, but early flowering varieties also prevent the infestation.
  3. Gooseberry powdery mildew: leaves and fruits are covered with a white coating. Already when buying you should pay attention to mildew-resistant plants. Otherwise you have to cut off the affected areas and dispose of them.
  4. Rhizome rot on strawberries: This fungal disease spreads to the leaves and spreads to the fruits. The plant turns brown and dies. Avoid wet floors. You should also only buy sturdy strawberries. If there is an infestation, you must unfortunately dispose of the plant.
  5. Currant pillar frost: The mushrooms appear on the leaves and form long yellow-brown pustules. Plants should get lots of light and air. You have to cut off infected shoots.


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