Multiply oleanders - step by step instructions

Multiply oleanders - step by step instructions

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Multiply your oleander over clippings

Would you like to multiply your oleander again? It's easy and costs nothing. You can find out how this is done here.

Multiply oleanders over cuttings
To multiply your oleander (Nerium oleander) you don't need to get a young plant, but can quickly and easily grow them yourself. It is best if you cut your existing oleander up to 30 centimeters in autumn. This has the advantage that the plant does not become too large and can produce lush flowers again for the next year. The second advantage is that you can use the clippings to grow new plants that form roots very quickly.

Multiply oleanders - step by step instructions
If you want to multiply your oleander with the clippings, you should proceed as follows:

  1. Shorten the clippings to about 10 centimeters.
  2. Now remove the lower leaves. Leave only two to three leaves per cutting.
  3. Now the cuttings come into the soil until they reach the roots.
  4. If you hibernate the cuttings brightly, you must always keep them moist. The temperature should not drop below 18 degrees either.

If you observe all these points, you can put the cuttings in individual pots already in spring, because by then they have developed splendidly.