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5 bluebells for the garden

5 bluebells for the garden

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If you want to have colorful plants in your garden, you should plant bluebells. We would like to introduce 5 varieties to you here. Read more.

Bluebells surprise with their small and often also large flowers, which bend down like many bells.

Great shades of color

But also due to their variety of colors, which are kept in the shades of white, blue, red, pink and purple, they are very popular with many gardeners. We picked out the five most beautiful bluebells for you. We also give you a few practical tips here so that you know the requirements of each bluebell.

5 bluebells for the garden

❶ Dwarf bellflower

It grows to a height of just 10 centimeters and has blue, white and violet flowers that bloom in June and July. This bellflower is particularly suitable for the rock garden. But it also thrives on the dry stone wall. It likes sun to partial shade.

❷ Star bellflower

With up to 15 centimeters a little higher, it has purple flowers. It blooms from May to July. Again, the rock garden is the preferred place when it is in the sun.

❸ ball of bellflower

It grows up to half a meter in size with its purple or white flowers and blooms from May to July. It needs a lot of sun, but no waterlogging - then it is fine.

❹ Dotted bellflower

It reaches a size of up to 70 centimeters. It blooms in purple, pink, white or red from July to August. She particularly likes sun to partial shade.

❺ Giant umbel bellflower

This genus reaches a height of up to one meter. It has white, blue, purple or pink flowers and blooms from June to August, preferably on moist soils and in the sun.


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