Lilac as a hedge - It blooms from May

Lilac as a hedge - It blooms from May

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Lilac is undemanding

Lilac is a spring bloomer that is well received in every garden and can usually be found everywhere. Many plant their lilacs as a hedge.

Plant lilac as a hedge
The lilac impresses with its wonderful pink to purple or white flowers, which also have a wonderful fragrance. The lilac can stand alone as a bush or can even be planted as a hedge. The plants should be placed very close together. There is room for up to four plants per meter. The advantage of planting closely is that the hedge becomes opaque. That's what you want to achieve with a hedge.

Cut back annually
The lilac hedge blooms from May to June and then has dense leaves until autumn. The bushes reach heights of up to four meters. But you should cut them again and again so that the shape is preserved and the blossoms come again next year. However, there are a number of things to consider. If you cut your hedge too short during the annual pruning, the flowering may stop in the next year.

Lilac is undemanding
Otherwise lilac is undemanding, prefers to grow in the sun or partial shade and needs water regularly. But he also doesn't mind a longer dry period. The lilac even has some advantages. Although it smells very nice, it is not affected by feeding insects and mammals. This is because it tastes very bitter.


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