Wreath rot on endive salad - leaves turn brown

Wreath rot on endive salad - leaves turn brown

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Provide the floor with calcium

Endive salad is tasty and healthy. Have you ever heard of wilt rot in endive salad?

Don't put too much salad
If you plant endive salad in the garden or in the greenhouse, you should make sure that you don't plant too much of it. Endive lettuce can be attacked by rotting rot too quickly, especially if it remains in the soil for too long. So if ten heads of lettuce have to be harvested at once, then you would probably only have to eat lettuce for a whole week.

Leaves turn brown
Of course, you can also prevent wreath rot. It manifests itself in brown leaf margins that appear on the middle leaves and form a wreath. If you do not act quickly enough, you will soon find that the leaves continue to rot and you can throw away the salad.

Provide soil with calcium
The soil should always be well supplied with calcium so that wreath rot does not arise in the first place. The water supply should also be sufficient so that the lettuce also receives the nutrients, but waterlogging should be avoided. A high pH value promotes health, so you need to check the soil regularly.