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Crayfish for the garden pond

Crayfish for the garden pond

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Crayfish keep the water clean

Do you have a garden pond? Then you should think about whether you should get some crabs for the garden pond. These animals ensure that the water stays clean at all times.

Crayfish keep the water clean
Since the crayfish always keep the water in the pond nice and clean, this means that you can save a lot of money with them, because you no longer have to clean the pond so often and you can also do without pumps or filters. Of course, it always depends on how big your pond is and how many crayfish you want to live in.

Crabs do not have to be fed
With a pond size of around five square meters, the expert advises using four crabs, ideally with two pairs of crabs. If the pond is larger, another cancer can be expected per square meter of water surface. The crabs eat organic material. They eat dead fish lying on the bottom of the pond and they feed on leaves that fall into the water and on algae. This keeps the pond water cleaner, which is healthier for the fish.

Build shelters
To prevent the crabs from going for a walk in the garden, you should set up a small fence around the pond that they cannot overcome. Create enough shelter for the animals in the garden pond. Stones, roots, clay pipes, etc. are best suited.


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