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No compromises in the garden!

No compromises in the garden!

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Pay attention to the garden when buying property!

Such a true garden lover spends countless hours season after season in his lush, blooming paradise. Gardening is not just a hobby for him, but a real passion. Therefore gardeners who want to buy real estate should not make any compromises in this regard. Because only if the garden of the new dream house is right, will living be heavenly beautiful.

For quite a few people, the garden is an oasis of calm, a retreat, a piece of vacation, a kind of hobby cellar under the open sky and a place for great barbecues. Here you can relax in the hammock after a hard day's work, think about digging in the ground, enjoy the spring air or discharge your excess energy while mowing the lawn, cutting hedges or weeding.

Only buy properties with a suitable garden

The best memories of many people have to do with the special place garden, Therefore, all those who want to buy real estate in order to realize their dream of a house should not compromise on the property. Because if the selected property is to become the home forever, then everything has to be right. There are not many leisure activities that are as useful as gardening: the hardworking plant lover moves in the fresh air, the abundance of plants and flowers delight not only his heart, but also that of the other house residents and the harvest of flowers, fruits, the Herbs and vegetables reward his efforts. If you know this joy, you should integrate it into your life and therefore include the garden belonging to the house in the purchase decision when buying real estate. But what should you look for in the new dream garden? The area is an important criterion. A garden lover who really needs to work between apple tree and box hedge, between daffodils and roses, between strawberries and kohlrabi will not be happy in the long run with a strip of green that is only square meters in size.

Buying property? Yes, but only with a garden!

If the soil surrounding the property is too loamy or too sandy, this does not have to be a reason not to buy. Because the garden soil can be specifically improved, for example, by adding bark mulch, peat, sand, horn shavings, compost or fertilizer. What is more important for the garden lover when buying real estate is the orientation of the garden. If this is on the north side of the house, then growing sun-loving plants will not succeed. A garden on a wind-blown slope also limits the possibilities for planting. As beautiful as the house visited may be - for whom gardening simply belongs, you should only buy the property if the garden meets your requirements.