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Lawn seeds do not germinate - 4 causes

Lawn seeds do not germinate - 4 causes

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Your lawn seeds don't germinate? There can be different reasons. Here we go into the 4 most common mistakes and give tips so that the lawn will soon sprout.

To thrive well, several aspects play a role -

If you want to buy a new lawn, you have the choice of doing this with turf or using the conventional method, namely by sowing lawn seeds. If you choose the second option, you will definitely be cheaper. The problem is that some hobby gardeners complain that their lawn does not open.

Actually, lawn seeds don't take long to germinate. If everything goes well, you will see the first stalks after just a few days. If this is not the case, it means doing cause research.

❍ Check soil hardness

If the ground is too hard, lawn seeds can only flourish with difficulty, in the worst case not at all. Therefore, first check the soil quality.

Solution: In this case, the soil must be loosened properly and best mixed with mother earth. A good portion of sand can also help loosen the soil. It is mixed into the loosened soil.

❍ Birds peck the seed

The little cute critters love to eat their freshly sown lawn seeds.

Solution: Set up scarecrows or stretch a net. The latter is more feasible for smaller lawns.

❍ Inferior goods

This is also an option if the lawn seed does not grow - inferior goods.

Solution: Lawn seeds don't cost much, so please don't make them cheaper. If you use high-quality lawn seeds, you will achieve what you hoped for.

❍ Wrong time

If it is too cold, too hot or too dry, you will often wait in vain for the lawn seed to germinate.

Solution: May and September are the best times to sow the lawn seed. So you should be a bit spontaneous and start sowing in optimal weather.