Destroy weeds - without chemical agents!

Destroy weeds - without chemical agents!

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Weeds - that is the word that pretty much every hobby gardener doesn't really like. It is not that difficult to destroy weeds.

Do not use chemical agents

No back-friendly work
Whether in the garden, on paths or on the terrace - weeds stop at nothing and nobody. It creeps through even the smallest cracks, just to make life difficult for us gardeners. After all, it is we who always have to get on our knees to remove all the weeds. And that's not really back-friendly gardening. What has to be, has to be.

After all, it is true that weeds can contest the habitat of other plants. As you can see, weeds in the garden not only look very ugly, they can also harm your beautiful plants.

Do not use chemical agents
If you want your plants to stay healthy at all times, it is important that you regularly weed them. However, you should stay away from chemical agents. Such means are used far too quickly. There are some ways and means by which weeds can be removed just as effectively and in a more environmentally friendly manner. We would like to introduce you to a few weed control methods that you can use to destroy weeds that appear in almost every garden.

Destroy weeds - without chemical agents!

"Seed weeds:
You should always tear them out by hand.

"Root weeds:
You should dig them out completely to remove them thoroughly. Simply tear them out and they will quickly appear in the garden.

" Dandelion:
For this there are special dandelion cutters available for purchase. Alternatively, you can dig up the dandelion. It is very important that you don't just cut or tear it off. If residues remain in the soil, a new plant is formed.

"Nettle, field thistle, ribwort, broadwort and giersch:
You can weed these five weeds by hand, or you can cut them out with a pointed object or spade.

"Bark mulch, wood shavings or weed fleece:
Bark mulch or wood chips ensure that weed growth is extremely dampened. If you don't want to bend down at all, you can also lay out a weed fleece. The weeds do not grow through this fleece! The great thing is that despite the fleece, the other plants still get enough water, nutrients and oxygen.

"Destroy weeds with salt:
Salt is a great weed killer that is a natural alternative to the chemical club. Simply add enough salt to a liter of water until it does not dissolve. Then heat this water. Once that's done, you can pour the water over the weeds. The salt contained in the water removes the liquid from the weeds, so that it is lost as a result. If you want the weeds not to come out again so quickly, you should use Bullrich salt from the pharmacy instead of normal salt. A tablespoon per liter of water is enough to control the weeds. If you water your beds with this mixture, you will have a long rest before the annoying herb.

Remove weeds regularly
As you can see, you don't always have to go straight to the chemical club. With some means from the kitchen or with special techniques you can also destroy the weeds just fine. If you want your garden to look perfect, you have to get to work and weed it more often. Here's a little tip on how it sometimes works even better.

" Tip:
If the soil in the garden is very hard, the weeds are usually very difficult to remove. It is best to moisten it with a watering can or with a garden hose. The weeds can then be better grasped and removed.


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