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Frauenschuh - Great plant for the shade

Frauenschuh - Great plant for the shade

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The woman's shoe feels comfortable in the shade

A really great plant for shade areas in the garden is the Frauenschuh. This is probably the most magnificent orchid.

Shadow areas are difficult to plant
Shaded areas in the garden are often difficult to plant. Because most flowers and plants want sun so that they bloom really beautifully and abundantly. That is why in many gardens you will find either only few plants in the shade or only green contemporaries with no special flowers.

The woman's shoe feels perfectly comfortable in the shade
However, if you deal a little with shade plants, you will find that there are quite a number that bloom beautifully and are made for exactly these places. This includes the women's shoe. It belongs to the orchid family and feels at home in the shade.

Plant lady's slipper
The women's shoe is not planted in spring, but in autumn. September and October are ideal for this. Make sure that it is not placed under bushes or trees, it does not like that, because the roots can contest the place. Otherwise, the lady's slipper is undemanding and blooms on beautiful, up to 60 cm high flower stems in May.