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Planting herbs - how it works

Planting herbs - how it works

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You can plant herbs anywhere

If you always want to have fresh herbs in the house, you should e.g. Plant herbs in the garden or on the balcony.

You can plant herbs anywhere
Herbs can be found in large areas in the garden, in the greenhouse or on the balcony or window sill. The advantage of herbs: They usually remain quite small and compact and are therefore often seen where there is little space. If you plant herbs near your kitchen, this has the additional advantage that you don't have to go to the garden to harvest.

Simply sow herbs
If you have sown annual herbs in spring and suddenly notice in June or July that the supply is running low, you can help by sowing again. If you do this in June, you will be able to harvest again in mid-July. This is also possible with herbs of several years.

Seed discs do little work
Seeds that are offered in so-called seed discs are particularly popular because they do little work. The seeds are embedded in a fleece that only has to be placed on the ground and poured on. It is best to put the pots very light and water the herbs regularly, then it will be something with a quick breeding.