Maintain ginkgo tree - how it works

Maintain ginkgo tree - how it works

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One of the oldest conifers: the ginkgo tree

A very popular little tree is the ginkgo tree. You can find out how to maintain such a ginkgo tree here.

One of the oldest conifers
The ginkgo tree is one of the oldest conifers. Even if his needles look more like leaves, they are not leaves. That's why he likes to be called first deciduous tree on earth designated. Gingko is a remedy that is found in medicine as well as in cosmetics and in naturopathy.

The tree grows up
Such a small tree is very ornamental and looks great on any window sill. But be careful: this tree grows over time. Although that is very slow. Within 15 years it will be just four meters high. If you want to leave it permanently on the windowsill or in the winter garden, then it is best to choose small varieties such as Marieken, They are similar to bonsai and remain this size. If they get too big, you can put all the others in the garden.

Maintain ginkgo tree
The gingko is hardy and quite undemanding. It needs no special soil, no fertilizer and grows in the sun as well as in the shade. If you want to cut your ginkgo tree, then you should know that it is enough to thin it out. Depending on how big the ginkgo tree should be, you need to prune the branches accordingly.