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Asparagus Salad - A Chinese crop

Asparagus Salad - A Chinese crop

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Chinese crop: asparagus salad

When people talk about asparagus salad, many people think at first of the asparagus that can be put on in butter, but which also tastes good as a salad.

Chinese crop
But we don't mean exactly the asparagus here. Because there is a plant that is really called asparagus salad. It is a Chinese crop. Visually, it doesn't look unlike the green salad, it has lush green leaves that are very strong.

Leaves taste slightly bitter
The leaves taste slightly bitter. The special thing is the stem. It grows when the salad is actually ripe for harvesting. Here you should wait for the asparagus salad until it really starts to shoot. Then the stem grows up in the middle of the plant, similar to asparagus. And it is precisely this stem that is the most aromatic in asparagus salad. You can arrange it in butter as well as asparagus or add it to the salad. Something else that comes to the table in terms of salads.

Red star and Chinese club
If you want to be won over by this aromatic plant, you can buy the seed from a seed dealer or in a garden center. Popular varieties are the Red star and the Chinese club, The asparagus salad, like the other lettuce plants, is planted in the garden or in the greenhouse. The asparagus salad prefers to grow on nutrient-rich, loose and sunny soils.