Growing kiwifruit - how it works

Growing kiwifruit - how it works

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You need to plant two kiwi trees

Would you like to plant something really exotic in the garden? How about if you breed kiwifruit? You can find out how to do this here.

There are varieties that survive cold winters without damage
Fruit in the garden is a must for many gardeners. And honestly: Your own fruit and also your own vegetables taste much better than what you bought, right? You no longer only have to be satisfied with the usual types of fruit, more and more exotic species are also conquering our home gardens. This includes the kiwi, which has managed to breed new varieties that survive cold winters without damage.

Two kiwi trees are needed
If you would like to have a kiwi tree in the garden, one is not enough. Because kiwifruit need a male and a female plant to fertilize each other. Planting takes place from mid-April to mid-May. The kiwi tree grows best when it can tendril. The kiwi tree feels most comfortable in front of a protective, warming wall. A distance of two to four meters is ideal. The soil should be moist and rich in humus. If you pay attention to these few points, you will soon be able to harvest your own kiwi fruit in the garden.