Greenhouse in July - 5 tasks

Greenhouse in July - 5 tasks

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Weeds must be controlled

Even if the vegetables do not grow in the garden but in the greenhouse, they have to be taken care of. Find out here what there is to do in the greenhouse in July.

There is much to do
Especially in summer there are important jobs that you shouldn't forget. We have therefore compiled a small list for you of the most important work in the greenhouse in July. If you think of all these tasks, you will be able to reap plenty.

Greenhouse in July - 5 tasks

  1. Weeds also spread in the greenhouse. So you can't avoid weeding here too. This is particularly important because some weeds attract pests, which then settle on the vegetables.
  2. Heavy fruits lying on the floor should be tied up or protected from rotting with a styrofoam plate. These include, for example, melons, pumpkins and zucchini.
  3. After flowering, eggplants should be given sufficient fertilizers. The reason: the fruits grow very quickly.
  4. Crusted earth is bad because it can store less moisture. Therefore loosen the soil regularly.
  5. After harvesting summer vegetables, more and more areas in the greenhouse become available that you can replant immediately. Various herbs or lettuce, endive salad or kohlrabi are best suited for this.