Mobile hedges - planters with hedging elements

Mobile hedges - planters with hedging elements

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Protect yourself from prying eyes

Many who have a small garden and do not want to be observed by their neighbors plant a mobile hedge.

Use hedges as a privacy screen
Hedges belong in every garden. They are not only beautiful to look at, they also serve as privacy screens and do not allow the neighbors to look inquisitively. However, you can only plant a hedge in the garden if you have enough space for it. This is usually not the case around a terrace. But here you want to have a privacy screen. Why not try a mobile hedge?

Plant boxes with hedging elements
For a mobile hedge, there are special planters with hedge elements in specialist shops. These are usually 1 meter x 40 centimeters in size and can be fitted with wheels. So you can always put the hedge where you need it. If you take a closer look, you will notice that street cafes, beer gardens and restaurants in particular have recognized the advantages of a mobile hedge.

Protect from prying eyes
The hedge plants themselves reach heights of up to two meters and offer quick and adequate protection against prying eyes. Holly, hornbeam and boxwood, ivy, wine, climbing rose and also clematis or - for all sweet tooth - blackberries, raspberries or espalier apples are particularly suitable.


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