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Leaf ornamental perennials - eye candy for the garden

Leaf ornamental perennials - eye candy for the garden

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Foliage ornaments have great leaves

If you have a garden, you do everything to ensure that it also looks beautiful. Leaf ornamental perennials are a real eye-catcher in the garden.

Foliage ornaments have great leaves
A garden without herbaceous plants is not a real garden. After all, we want to have beautifully flowering perennials and enjoy them all year round. The only problem is that the flowering period of the perennials is limited to a few weeks a year. The rest of the time they are busy with the growth and are not yet blooming or they have already faded again and are just standing around in the area as a green something. Many perennials are then no longer attractive. This does not mean that they should banish all perennials from the garden.

Feast for the eyes in the garden
You can upgrade your beds with so-called leafy shrubs by simply placing them in between or planting them in groups. The leaf ornamental perennials are decorative perennials that stand out less because of their flowers, but more because of their interesting and great leaves. They come in all shapes and colors imaginable. The different colors and leaf structures of the leaf ornamental shrubs are a feast for the eyes in every garden. Just give it a try and plant a few ornamental leaves. You will surely be amazed.