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Location for clematis - sun or shade?

Location for clematis - sun or shade?

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Clematis feel very comfortable in the shade

The clematis is actually a forest vine. This means that the climber likes it best in the shade. However, the ideal location for clematis should meet some requirements.

No direct sunlight
Clematis actually thrive quite well in the shade. Through breeding, it also thrives in the sun without any problems. However, you should then shade the base of the clematis. This means that the lower part of the plant should not be exposed to direct sunlight. So if the location is in direct sun, then it makes sense to put other plants in front of it to keep the sun out. However, make sure that there is sufficient clearance so that the clematis is not pressed. Ground cover plants are also very suitable.

Help in a different way
If there is no such thing, or if you do not have space to place other plants in front of it, there are other ways to help yourself. A semicircular wall pot is ideal to protect the sprout. You can also pile up several stones and give the bed an even optically beautiful touch. But be careful: do not hinder the clematis from growing. Pay attention to adequate shading of the feet, then you really can't go wrong.