Camellias - they are very demanding

Camellias - they are very demanding

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Camellias are very demanding

Anyone who has the wonderfully blooming camellia at home, in the garden or on the terrace should know that camellias need a lot of care.

Camellias are very demanding
Basically you have to pay a lot of attention so that the camellia also thrives and surprises you with flowers. Camellias are shade plants. Even a short exposure to the sun can cause leaf burns. However, the camellia must not be left in the dark - not even during the winter. Then the lack of light can cause the plant to lose leaves and buds.

She doesn't like waterlogging and dryness
Adequate fertilization must also be ensured. Likewise, she doesn't like waterlogging or dryness. When watering, only use softened, low-salt water. If watering is wrong, you will notice that the leaves become limp, turn yellow and fall off.

Protect camellias from diseases and pests
It can also happen that the flower has cancerous growths. These should then be cut out as soon as possible. This is the death of camellias. The camellia must also be protected against pests and fungi with appropriate pesticides.


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