Planting a hedge - step by step instructions

Planting a hedge - step by step instructions

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You should plant hedges in spring

Hedges are fine. Not only do they look beautiful, they also offer protection from unwanted glances.

Plant hedges in spring
If you want to plant a hedge in the garden, this should happen in early spring. Hedges that are evergreen, such as cherry laurel or thuja, should be planted by the end of April at the latest, while deciduous species have their deadline by mid-April. So that nothing goes wrong when planting the hedge, you should follow our step-by-step instructions.

Planting a hedge - step by step instructions

  1. Put a thread in the place where you want the hedge to stand. This guarantees that the hedge is straight.
  2. Then the holes for the plants are dug. Three to four plants per linear meter are provided for all hedges. This makes the hedge nice and dense. If you plant further apart, gaps can arise.
  3. Now the plants are used and watered.

Distance to the neighboring property
When planting, make sure that there is sufficient distance from the neighboring property and also consider that the hedge becomes bushy and larger and thus quickly fills up the initially sufficient space. By the way, a first cut can be made in the coming spring. You should usually do this before the budding.