Wintering of container plants - tips and hints

Wintering of container plants - tips and hints

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Now that the gardening season is slowly coming to an end, it is important that you make your tub plants winter-proof. Find out what you should know about hibernating tub plants here.

Not every container plant has to hibernate indoors

Hibernate container plants indoors

Most container plants must be brought in before the first frost. Even if it gets over 10 degrees during the day, the nights can get frosty. Any container plants that cannot overwinter outside should be brought indoors and placed in a cool and dark place. The basement or the hallway are particularly suitable for this.

Before the plants are allowed to come out again, you should observe the weather over a longer period. As soon as it is frost-free at night, get out with the plants, because that's the unmistakable sign that spring is just around the corner.

Hibernate container plants outside

Not every container plant can be brought indoors for the winter. Especially not if the plants are simply too big or too heavy. Therefore, you do not have to worry that they will not survive the winter. If you wrap the potted plants thickly, nothing can really happen. You need five different things to do this:

"Fleece: This will wrap the crown of the plant. This prevents the icy wind. Make sure that the wrapping is easy.

"Brushwood: Place coniferous brushwood around the trunk and on the ground. This warms and protects.

"Bubble film: Wrap these around the pots. Pack well and thick. The thicker, the less cold there is.

"Linen: Take old linen sacks and wrap them around the bubble wrap. This additionally protects. Insulation can also be used with straw or leaves.

"Styrofoam: Then place the flower pot on a thick styrofoam plate so that no cold can enter the pot from below.