Decoration in the garden - 4 tips for the cold season

Decoration in the garden - 4 tips for the cold season

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Mostly in late autumn, a dismal picture spreads in numerous gardens. So that your garden does not look boring, here are 4 tips for a beautiful decoration in the garden.

Let your imagination run wild when decorating

Tip 1 - selection of decorations

In addition to hay and straw, there are also collected nuts and chestnuts, colorful pumpkins and autumn leaves as well as twigs for the decoration. In addition, dried artichoke flowers, lampion flowers, ivy tendrils, stonecrops, rhizomes, dried fruits (e.g. orange slices), etc. In many cases, however, blooming asters, chrysanthemums and heather will also be offered in the nurseries until the turn of the year. Which can be used to spice up the autumn decorations in many colors.

Very funny: You can tie lovely figures out of hay and straw. Just give it a try.

Tip 2 - decorate

All types of frost-resistant terracotta vessels and metal troughs in entrance areas and terrace areas are ideal for decorating. But even in the flower beds themselves, an autumnal arrangement quickly becomes the eye-catcher of an entire garden. In the usually stormy autumn season, however, it is always advisable to fix the decorative items firmly within the respective arrangement. For example with wire, bamboo sticks, nails, wire mesh and the like.

Tip 3 - flowering plants

You must always insert all fresh plants directly into the soil or into the planter to be decorated. You can then drape the decorative items selected for the plant nicely around the plant.

And while shortly after the turn of the year Christmas roses and snowdrops sprout freshly from the ground, these delicate flowers attract special attention when they are highlighted. For example, with fresh pine green, which you can loosely place around these groups of plants.

Tip 4 - create mood

It is particularly important in the cold season that these decorations also create special moods in the garden. From mid-September until November, the large pumpkins are often hollowed out and filled with candle lights. Especially in dark hours, these pumpkins are particularly cozy. But small lanterns in which candles flicker look particularly beautiful in the garden.

The placement of parchment bags along the garden paths, which can be very atmospherically equipped with tea lights, has also become particularly modern. However, you must not lose sight of this decoration.

Around Christmas time, you can easily replace blooming flower sticks with Christmas decorations, such as Christmas tree balls or shiny garden balls. Likewise, numerous Christmas decorations for the garden area are also offered in specialist shops.


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