Garden in winter - follow these rules

Garden in winter - follow these rules

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When winter has arrived, you can treat yourself and your garden to a break. Nevertheless, you should observe some rules around the garden in winter.

Do not step on the lawn in frost

You have to follow a few rules

When winter has arrived in the garden at home, Father Frost is doing the rest and snow is falling, then the time has come to let the garden rest and to take a break for yourself. Nevertheless, you should follow a few rules in winter so that your garden survives them well.

Garden in winter - follow these rules

Rule No. 1:
Under no circumstances should you step on the lawn in frost. The frozen blades of grass bend. As soon as winter is over, these areas are very often brown.

Rule No. 2:
Also, snow that is removed from the path should not be stored on the lawn. The lawn can die under such a thick layer of snow, which thaws only slowly. It certainly grows back in spring, but it takes a while. So you have to store all the snow masses somewhere else.

Rule No. 3:
Last but not least, you should not shift piles of leaves or poke around in the compost. The simple reason is that animals often retreat to hibernation there that would otherwise be disturbed.