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Grave design in winter - 4 tips

Grave design in winter - 4 tips

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In winter it is particularly difficult to make a grave beautiful. We have therefore put together a few tips for designing graves in winter.

Simply make digging arrangements yourself

Cultivate grave plants in your own garden

Especially in winter it is very difficult to realize a grave design. However, preparatory work can be done all year round in your own garden. Simply by taking care of appropriate grave plants in your own garden all year round. Or by the fact that you value winter bloomers in your own garden, which will later be used for grave vase design.

Grave design in winter - 4 tips

Tip 1 - Black Earth
For the cemetery, a special grave soil is offered in specialist shops, which is deep black and thus ensures a very aesthetic grave look. For this reason, the very nutrient-rich soil is usually mixed with black peat soil. In late autumn, you should again generously distribute fresh grave soil over the graves, so that the few plants are particularly good in color.

Tip 2 - ornamental shrubs
Ideally, you should plant large graves with ornamental shrubs, which often come up with colorful berries on cold winter days. You can also plant evergreen plants, such as boxwood and small conifers, on the graves.

If you cultivate a winter jasmine in your own garden, you can decorate flowering branches from time to time in a cemetery vase. The flowers of the stonecrop are also mostly usable for the grave until December.

Tip 3 - winter plants
Due to cold and frost, it is extremely difficult to design a flowering grave in winter. Pagan perennials are popular, which can even withstand some frosts. In the meantime, heather perennials are offered in different pink and violet flower colors and with white flowers. You can also use these heathy perennials in the garden in a well-protected location that may be covered with brushwood and, if necessary, move them to the cemetery grave.

The planting of noble Christmas roses on the graves is excellent, and they have a beautiful, white blossom even on cold winter days. Christmas roses can be combined with snowdrops and crocuses.

Tip 4 - nature arrangements
Furthermore, nature arrangements can also be made for the winter grave design. You can collect the necessary materials in your own garden. First and foremost, pine green and fresh or dried cones, artichoke flowers, small ornamental gourds, walnuts, dried lantern flowers and the like are required. A well-dried root can serve as the basis for a natural grave arrangement, which you can use again and again for several years. If you pierce a large nail in the middle, you can even place candles on it.