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Climbing roses in winter - 2 tips

Climbing roses in winter - 2 tips

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Like all other plants, climbing roses must be protected from the cold temperatures in winter. Read here how you should do this.

Protect your climbing roses in winter

Protect climbing roses in winter

You'd think that you can't go wrong with climbing roses. But this is not the case. Even if you buy robust varieties so that they can easily withstand the low temperatures, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here are our tips to help your climbing roses get through the winter.

Climbing roses in winter - 2 tips

Tip 1 - cover roses
You should always cover roses well. If not the whole flower, then at least the bottom area. Brushwood or leaves are particularly suitable. A layer of mulch can also help.

Tip 2 - protect trellis
If it is a climbing rose, then you should not neglect the trellis. If this is made of metal, the climbing rose may need additional protection. Since metal becomes colder than wood or plastic, the rose can get frost damage more quickly. If you use metal climbing frames, then cover the entire rose with spruce twigs. Otherwise, a trellis made of wood or plastic is advisable. Even on a fence that is not made of metal, no danger is to be expected.


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