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Bees in the garden - 4 tips on how to attract them

Bees in the garden - 4 tips on how to attract them

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If you are not lucky enough to find bees in the garden on their own, then you should attract them. Just try our tips.

Bees belong in every garden

No bees, no fruit harvest

If there are no bees in the garden, this means that the fruit harvest in autumn is largely canceled. That is why it is absolutely worthwhile to lure the useful helpers into the garden! At the same time, it is really time to protect the bees' natural habitat because wild bee populations have decreased dramatically in recent years. Which in turn poses a threat to our entire ecosystem.

Based on these facts, we have put together a few tips here on how you can lure the little helpers into your garden and thus protect your fruit harvest and the natural habitat of the bees.

Bees in the garden - 4 tips on how to attract them

Tip 1 - offer food
The best way is certainly to plant suitable forage plants for bees, but also for the useful wasps and bumblebees in the garden. You should offer these from spring to autumn if possible.

Yarrow, ball leek, early blooming and late blooming daisies, bluebells, thyme, oregano, stonecrops, cornflowers, mallow, ivy, roses and the like are recommended for this special cultivation.

Tip 2 - build a bee hotel
Already in elementary school, our children learn the simple construction of a so-called bee hotel, which can be hung in the garden. Especially since smaller versions take up very little space because they can only be made from a thick tree slice.

Simply cut a hole in the middle of the tree slice and insert a honeycomb-shaped broken brick. Then fill in with various grasses and straw all around and hang the decorative hotel in a protected place if possible.

A larger, well-kept bee hotel can then serve the useful insects as a winter quarters.

Tip 3 - use attractants
In the specialist trade, ready-made attractants are now also available, with which wild bees can be lured into the garden quite easily. Usually the dry mixture has to be mixed with a little water before it e.g. is spread on the leaves of plants. You can also fill the attractant (available here) in a small bowl and place it directly in front of the bee hotel.

Tip 4 - Avoid insecticides
Of course, if you want to attract bees and bumblebees, you have to completely avoid using insecticides in the garden. Especially since insecticides can cause great damage to bees, but also to other animals.