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White pineapple strawberries - growing and care

White pineapple strawberries - growing and care

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Have you ever seen white strawberries? These really exist and are called White pineapple strawberries, Read here how you can grow them yourself.

White pineapple strawberries

Pineapple strawberries are also known as pine berries

The white pineapple strawberries, also called pine berries, are among the still quite unknown exotic berries in our gardens, although they can look back on almost two centuries of tradition. And even though the little fruits have a deliciously sweet taste, their appearance is primarily what astonishes many.

Tip: Small perennials of the pineapple strawberry are available in well-stocked garden shops or on the Internet.

Appearance and taste

The pineapple strawberries, which are about 2 centimeters in size, look exactly like white strawberries with red nuts, which looks quite neat. When you bite into it, your taste creates a real culinary delight because it reminds you more of pineapple than strawberries - a successful combination!

Tip: Pineapple strawberries can be used to garnish not only desserts and tarts, but also salad plates and cheese plates!


" Location:

If you choose a particularly sunny location, the pineapple strawberries can develop their incomparable fruit aroma even better. The correct location for strawberries is also the penumbra.


You should plant the pine berries like conventional strawberries from around the end of July / beginning of August to the beginning / middle of September at the latest in as nutrient-rich, well-loosened soil. It is best to fertilize these beforehand with plenty of compost and let them settle well!

»Distance between plants:

You should keep a distance of 25 to 40 centimeters between the individual berries.



The perennial white pineapple strawberries require relatively little maintenance. You can basically orient yourself to the care of conventional strawberries. For fertilization, you should also use pure berry fertilizer with this variety.

" Weed weed

It is important that you weed regularly between the strawberry plants. You can also use special strawberry foil to support this.

Tip: If you plant a few onions between the strawberry plants, their essential oils will drive away the insects and rodents that are harmful to the white pineapple strawberries.

" To water

As far as watering is concerned, you should know that the pineapple strawberry must be kept evenly moist, but that there should be no waterlogging around the planting stick. Because that can lead to root rot or mold growth on the strawberries.


The main harvest period extends from the end of May to June and, depending on the prevailing weather conditions, sometimes even until the beginning of July. However, you should note that the small fruits are far more sensitive to pressure than their conventional counterparts. Therefore, you should carry out the harvest with special care.

Immediately after the harvest, you have to remove all the rotted leaves, putrid fruit and unnecessary shoots from the main stick so that it can develop enough strength for the coming harvest year.

Tip: Of course, you can then use the secondary shoots to multiply the existing strawberry perennials.