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Create a garden pond in a barrel - step by step instructions

Create a garden pond in a barrel - step by step instructions

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Even the smallest garden doesn't have to do without a garden pond. Just create a garden pond in the barrel. Here is a guide.

You have to equip wooden vessels with a pond liner

Every gardener can create a pond

If you don't have space for a garden pond in the garden, you still don't have to do without a little water in the garden.

Because even mini ponds in the barrel look particularly beautiful in the garden. If you want to create such a pond, then you should simply follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Create a garden pond in a barrel - step by step instructions

Step 1 - select a vessel:

For every gardener there is the possibility to create a small pond in the garden. The use of an old wine barrel or beer barrel is particularly suitable for this. For this purpose you can also buy a new oak barrel in the garden store or hardware store.

By the way: If you still have a large tin container at home, you can also use that. Just take what you like best.

Step 2 - preparatory work:

Line wooden barrel with garden pond liner:

If you have chosen a wooden barrel, you must always cover it with a garden pond liner so that it is 100% waterproof. For this purpose, weight the foil on the floor with stones, then smooth it down on the barrel walls and fix it with a staple gun.

Mount wheels on the barrel:

On the underside of the wooden barrel, you should possibly also fit wheels so that you can change the mini garden pond at any time. After all, after filling, it achieves a considerable weight and is usually no longer to be carried by hand.

Step 3 - fill the garden pond:

Now you have to fill a layer of gravel on the bottom of the barrel. It is best to use white decorative stones, because they conjure up a particularly beautiful water color in the otherwise dark garden barrel. You can also plant with a lower water level by using e.g. Use raised blocks in the barrel pond.

Always arrange aquatic plants according to their height

Important when inserting the plants:

You have to order the hardiest aquatic plants according to their height - the large plants to the rear, smaller ones to the front. In addition, you should always use the pond plants in plant baskets so that they do not spread uncontrollably in the small pond and can overgrow it in a very short time.

" Tip:
Plant baskets should be filled with fine gravel on top so that the pond soil does not immediately spill out when filled with water.

Step 4 - effects:

Would you like to spice up your garden pond? You can use particularly great effects e.g. by using a mini fountain or special underwater lighting.


You have to remove fountains and lighting fixtures from the pond again and again in late autumn, otherwise they can break due to frost.

You have to remove the devices again in late autumn

Step 5 - fill in water:

If you have used all plants and equipment, you can fill the pond with sufficient water - ideally you should use rainwater for this.


During the hot summer days you have to check the water level in the pond regularly and refill it from time to time. As far as plant care in the pond is concerned, all you have to do is regularly remove the algae from the pond.

Step 6 - animal husbandry:

In principle, you should avoid animal husbandry in the barrel pond due to its small size. However, if you do not want to do without the use of goldfish, you should consider that you have to equip your mini pond with an oxygen pump. The best way to get advice in this regard is simply in the pet shop.


Barrel ponds usually freeze completely in winter, which is why you have to bring the animals to their winter quarters in good time. But you also have to winterize everything else in the garden pond.


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