Shadow lawn - tips for sowing and care

Shadow lawn - tips for sowing and care

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Lawn areas that are in the shade usually do not thrive. It is best to sow shadow lawn here. Read here how this works and how the lawn is looked after.

Sow shady areas in shady areas

Garden shops offer special shade lawns

Lawns are mostly created around a wide variety of properties. However, the entire surface area may not always be in sunlight. Then they get little daylight and moss quickly. The garden trade has reacted to this problem for a long time and therefore offers a special shadow lawn.

These seed mixtures and the resulting lawns are all easy to care for, resistant to numerous diseases and largely prevent weeds from forming or mowing the lawn too quickly.

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Nevertheless, you should scarify shady lawns every spring. If there is a lot of moss in the lawn, you have to scarify twice a year - even in autumn.

Sow and care for shadow lawns

Sowing the shadow lawn:

It is best to sow shadow lawn in early spring in the same way as you sow conventional lawn. The advantage of early sowing is that the shadow lawn can still catch as much daylight as possible. Among other things, because deciduous trees do not yet have their full deciduous dress. However, the shadow lawn is only of limited suitability for greening e.g. Areas below large trees, so-called full shade areas that do not receive any natural daylight.

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In such cases, however, you can use special shade plant ground cover such as Plant ivy.

Sow shadow lawns in spring

When sowing, you should always take into account the relevant packaging instructions of the respective manufacturer. After sowing, it is also important that you keep the lawn well moist, if necessary water it several times a day until a closed lawn has formed.

Maintain shadow lawns

The maintenance of the shade lawn differs only slightly from conventional lawns. Nevertheless, we would like to give you the most important points that you should take care of.


Shadow lawn areas should only be watered minimally even on hot summer days, because there is little or no sunlight.

Shadow lawn does not need a lot of water


In spring and late summer, you should definitely fertilize shade lawns so that they receive sufficient nutrients. This not only promotes its appearance (rich green), but also its health and resistance to diseases. Ideally, you should use a special lawn fertilizer in combination with a suitable weed killer. Appropriate products (e.g. here) are available in gardening stores.

" Tip:

Spread lime once a year (in spring), because this balances the acidity in the soil and it minimizes the formation of moss in the lawn.

Cut the lawn:

When mowing the lawn every approx. 2 to 4 weeks, you must take into account that you never fall below a cutting depth of approx. 6 to 8 centimeters when shading the lawn. So-called deep cuts, which can be set on some lawn mower models, should be avoided.