Allotment garden system - 2 system variants presented

Allotment garden system - 2 system variants presented

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If you want to rent an allotment garden, you should first think about how you want to create it. Here 2 system variants are presented.

How would you like to use your allotment garden?

Allotment: idyllic garden in a suburban location

An allotment garden is an allotment idyll that is mostly located on the outskirts of the city. A preferred garden for city dwellers who mainly live in apartment blocks and want to enjoy a little fresh garden air in their free time.

Individual allotment plots can either be bought or rented for a defined period. Most gardens even set up their own association with statutes and system regulations. In addition, in many of these facilities, public facilities such as toilets, washing facilities, wells and the like are shared and maintained.

How would you like to use your allotment garden?

However, if you are considering buying or renting a small allotment plot, you should first think about how you want to use your allotment garden later. Because this is an important point for the allotment garden design. Basically, when creating an allotment garden, a distinction is always made between whether it is a pure recreational area, a vegetable garden and / or orchard, or a combination of both.

Once this has been clarified, you can subdivide your small parcel much better. Where a garden shed in it should always be the center (or starting point). The following explains what the two system variants are Recreation garden and Orchard / vegetable garden differ.

Allotment garden system - 2 system variants presented

Variant No. 1 - recreation garden:

A pure recreational allotment garden is usually well maintained, has spacious lawns and wonderful flower beds. If there is enough space, you can also accommodate a swimming pool and children's equipment (swing, sandpit, etc.).

In a recreation garden, the garden house is mainly used for social hours (sometimes even with sleeping accommodation). These often even have a sunny terrace area and a brick barbecue area, etc.

Variant No. 2 - orchard and vegetable garden:

In the case of a fruit allotment garden / vegetable allotment garden, on the other hand, the fresh cultivation is clearly in the foreground. Hobby gardeners in the allotment garden prefer to grow seasonal products that are for their own consumption. And always combined with shady fruit trees and a gazebo.

With this system variant, the garden shed must of course accommodate far more equipment, as well as garden furniture. With this system variant, there is always only a little space available for socializing in the gazebo.