Growing exotic fruits - you have to consider that

Growing exotic fruits - you have to consider that

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If you want to grow exotic fruits, you have a lot of work to do. Because here you have to consider a few things. We will tell you what is important.

Growing exotic fruits is not easy

The demand for exotic fruits such as pineapple, melon, banana or kiwi is high in Europe. However, the fruits do not always meet your own expectations, since they often have long production routes behind them. Many hobby gardeners therefore try to grow their favorite fruits themselves. But that's not really easy.

Why own cultivation is appealing

It is known that it takes some time before an exotic fruit can be prepared at home in the kitchen at home. For both cultivation and transport, they are therefore mostly treated with certain pesticides. This is not particularly beneficial for health or the environment. Even the condition of many fruits is not always optimal after a long transport.

Of course, organic products offer a good alternative here. There are also some certificates, such as organic seals, which stand for organic and sustainable cultivation. Many exotic fruits are even cultivated and sold regionally by specialized breeders in Germany.

But for many hobby gardeners, the challenge of growing at home is particularly interesting. Care is certainly relatively difficult and time-consuming - but the feeling of holding a ripe fruit from your own breeding is usually an incentive to do so.

Suitable plants for growing

There are some exotic plants that can only be grown in German gardens with little experience. These include, for example, the pineapple cherry, which is not too difficult to grow and at the same time brings good harvests. The cultivation of kiwifruit is also very popular, albeit a little more difficult and lengthy. There are now certain breeds that can survive even harsher winters.

The cultivation of citrus plants in Central Europe is also steadily increasing. In this case, too, it is usually very long-term work, but as soon as the first fruits grow, you will quickly forget the trouble. Many hobby gardeners like to use the wide range on the Internet and buy more plants for growing at home from Palmenmann.

Growing exotic fruits - you have to consider that

There is, of course, a reason why most exotic fruits come from the Mediterranean or further afield. The German climate is not suitable for growing these plants, which is why the plants cannot remain untreated permanently.

Winter in particular causes major problems. Hardly any exotic fruit can tolerate severe frost and therefore usually has to be stored in an appropriate room. But if you simply bring the planter into the living room, you will not enjoy the plant for long. The fruits need sufficient humidity, light and warmth. If you do not have a suitable conservatory, then greenhouses are usually the only alternative.