Make garden tools winter-proof - follow these tips

Make garden tools winter-proof - follow these tips

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Not only plants should be set correctly in winter. You also need to winterize your garden tools. We explain how to do it.

Garden tools must also be made winterproof

However, we do not only want to focus on garden tools such as lawnmowers, because many often forget the simplest garden tools such as the garden hose, the water pump and the like. These garden tools also need to be made winterproof.

Care and cleaning of spades, lawn mowers etc.

You must always note that garden tools must be properly stowed in order to hibernation to survive well. For example, you first have to empty the garden hose thoroughly and then roll it up without kinks. You can now finally wash the gardening gloves and take the lawn mower for inspection. Here are more winter tips for your garden tools:

»Clean garden tools properly!

It is important that you clean all garden tools again in late autumn, when the gardening is largely completed. You must thoroughly remove residues of soil and leaves, etc., which permanently protects the equipment.


After cleaning, you should make sure that you only set the garden tools absolutely dry so that metal parts do not rust.

Clean garden tools properly before storing!

You should also disassemble the individual devices while cleaning them into individual parts, clean them and reassemble them. A measure that is particularly good for electrical devices, such as the lawn mower, among others.


When dismantling the devices, you can also sharpen the mowing knife, oil the hinges, drain old motor oil, degrease chains, and the like.

»Carry out repair work!

When cleaning the garden tools, you can often see smaller defects that you should then immediately repair, such as Repaint paint damage, retighten screws, regrind cutting tool, etc.


If devices can only be repaired in parts, you should disassemble them and keep the good part, e.g. Stems. Because you can use these sometimes valuable individual parts again at any time on another device.

»Find storage options!

Insofar as there is no regular winter place for the garden tools, one should be created. For this purpose, some variants are offered in specialist shops, such as shelving systems for garages and basements, storage sheds, special equipment cabinets, etc. If there is not enough space, you can also anchor a small tool shed on the north side of your house. You can also stow your equipment in the greenhouse during the winter months.

Optimal place to overwinter for garden tools: the storage shed

In any case, it is important that the gardening tools are not outdoors in winter, which could all cause serious damage. Because rubber is e.g. in the case of frost, quickly becomes porous, wood deforms, paint flakes off, rust settles due to the moisture, etc.

»Exclude the risk of injury!

Garden tools should also always be stowed in such a way that they cannot pose a risk of injury to you or your children. For example, you should always clean up computing devices with the tines against the wall. The same applies to tips, cutting tools, rakes and the like.


Garden tools that are not needed during the winter can also be covered with a film or a breathable fleece, so that it does not dust or start cobwebs.

»Clean and store water pumps!

If you also use pond mist or water pumps in the garden, for example in the garden pond as a fountain or in the fountain shaft for the irrigation water supply, then you should also set these over the frosty winter months.

Clean water pumps before storing

Before wintering, however, you must thoroughly clean the pond mist and the water pump down to the smallest detail and remove any algae residues. If you are unfamiliar with this, you should prefer to hire a specialist to do this.


This service is usually even offered very cheaply in specialist shops, e.g. then, if you have also bought the relevant water pump from the respective dealer in advance. Therefore always ask for a winter service when shopping!