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Planting mist grass - how it's done

Planting mist grass - how it's done

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An ornamental grass that always attracts attention is the mist grass. Read here how you should plant and care for this filigree fog grass.

Fog grass is even finer than the ornamental grass shown here

The year-round, quite unknown fog grass quickly becomes a special eye-catcher in the garden and a great alternative to other types of grass and reeds such as Pampas grass. Because of its fine spikelets it looks like the plant is lying in the fog. Therefore, it is perfect for use as a table decoration or as a delicate accessory of bouquets.

" Tip:

Cut off the mist grass, dry it overhead, spray it lightly with paint and incorporate it into bouquets of dried flowers or bouquets of flowers - a delicate-looking filler that works optimally!

So if you want to get this great eye-catcher in the garden, then we have some tips on how to grow and care for the mist grass.

Plant fog grass

The delicately pink to yellow-brown blooming mist grass, often referred to as cloud grass, is usually offered as a seed in specialist shops. You should sow this seed in spring (approx. From April) in a sunny, to really only partially shaded place about 3 centimeters deep in a well-drained soil. Then lightly pile the earth over it, press on and pour on.

You can also plant the mist grass from North Africa in a bucket. Placed on terraces and balconies, the fog grass looks extremely decorative.

" Tip:

If there are still strong frosts to be expected (usually up to the ice saints), you should protect the seed that has already been applied with a garden fleece.

After only a few days, the mist grass (germination time approx. 5 to 10 days) then sprouts from the earth and develops into an average perennial plant that is approximately 60 centimeters high, which should not be missing, especially in Mediterranean gardens.

" Tip:

In late summer or autumn, you should take enough seeds from the ornamental grass perennial, dry it and plant it again next spring. In good locations, the misty grass can even self-seeding.

Fog Grass Care Tips

Casting / fertilizing:

Ornamental grasses usually require little maintenance. You should only water them moderately on hot days in the morning and / or in the evening. An additional application of complete fertilizer is only appropriate if there is a visible need.

Rear section:

In the period from July to September, the fog grass blooms and should not be cut back immediately after flowering (self-sowing). Only in late autumn should you completely cut off the withered grass.