Building winter quarters for hedgehogs - 5 ideas presented

Building winter quarters for hedgehogs - 5 ideas presented

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Hedgehogs do not have it easy in winter because they do not have warm fur. Therefore, you should build a winter quarters for hedgehogs. Here are 5 ideas on how to do it.

Help the animals in winter

As soon as autumn comes, every careful gardener should also think about the hedgehogs, which urgently need a place to spend the winter on cold days (from mid-October) and at the latest when the snow is thick. As a gardener, you can even benefit from this: the hedgehog is considered a natural enemy of pests, such as snails.

A normal pile of leaves is not enough

For the winter quarters, many of the leaves that have fallen from the trees often put together, from which the hedgehog can then hide. This is not only a great thing for the hedgehog, but also really a sensible use of the autumn leaves. But if a gust of wind destroys the splendor, then some hedgehogs quickly have a big problem! We would therefore like to present you a few ideas here on how you can build a stable winter quarters for hedgehogs.

First of all:

Hedgehogs will only go to a garden if the natural environment fits. These include native trees, compost heaps, wood piles, lush lawns and the like. A tidy garden can hardly be expected to visit a hedgehog.

Building winter quarters for hedgehogs - 5 ideas presented

Idea No. 1 - Establish a stable leaf hiding place:

For this purpose, you have to put a wire mesh available from specialist dealers over an existing pile of leaves (press tips well into the ground), cover the whole thing again with brushwood and notch an opening hatch on the side by hand.

Stretch a wire mesh over the leaf heap

The hedgehog visits this type of dwelling on its own. Especially since the foliage district looks quite natural, which hedgehogs clearly prefer.

Idea No. 2 - dig out the trough:

You can also build an alternative winter quarters by digging out a small trough. It is best to pad out this natural living variant with a bit of moss and leaves and cover it with brushwood. Then all you have to do is wait for a hedgehog to nest in it by itself.

Idea No. 3 - offer the hedgehog house as a permanent home:

In the garden specialty store (or also here) there are now even special hedgehog houses that are visually very appealing, but are quite expensive to buy. The brand is easier eigenbau, You can build such a hedgehog house yourself, e.g. by Place four bricks in a square (plan in the opening slit) and cover them on the top with a stone slab (e.g. washed concrete slab).

You can also build a hedgehog house yourself

This is just one of the many options. You can of course also build such a hedgehog house out of wooden panels. It is only important that you always pad all hedgehog houses with sufficient nesting material!

Idea No. 4 - offer hedge as a shelter:

If you only cut back thick hedges in spring, hedgehogs can independently find a home there for the winter. The best thing to do here is to heap up any other leaves just in front of such hedges, which means that it usually stays protected from the wind.

In spring, you can then use rotted leaves as a natural fertilizer directly around the hedge.

Idea No. 5 - Winter, young, weak and sick hedgehogs in the house:

Very young animals, but also weakened and sick hedgehogs should be overwintered in cold temperatures in a cool room or in an isolated dwelling on the balcony or terrace. It is best to always consult a veterinarian, because the small animals often have to be rid of pests (ticks, fleas, etc.).

Young, weak and sick hedgehogs are allowed to spend the winter in the house

If possible, you should release back-up animals in the spring at the former site. It is important, however, that you still provide a little food outdoors during the first few days.

Clean hedgehog quarters

In spring - mostly in May, when the hedgehogs go back to pest hunting - you should then thoroughly clean the winter quarters. The ideal solution for dwellings is the use of hot water, which contains no harmful substances. The best thing to do is to avoid chemical cleaning agents.

From late summer you can pad the hedgehog house again with fresh nesting material, such as straw or leaves, so that the hedgehogs quickly feel at home again.

Year-round hedgehog protection measures

»Offer food:

The hedgehog loves garden compost, which provides him with plenty of food and at the same time a natural shelter. If there is no compost or you cannot build a compost heap, you should use the hedgehogs in autumn e.g. Feed them with fine dog or cat food as well as dry hedgehog feed to balance their enormous energy requirements.

Do not supply hedgehogs with milk, but with water!

Hedgehogs usually even interrupt their hibernation several times in order to absorb energy in the form of food. Therefore, you should always put a little dry food near the winter quarters.

Never supply hedgehogs with milk, because they will cause diarrhea. Better water and a little ripe fruit are enough.

»Cover cellar shafts:

Many hedgehogs are exposed to dangerous situations in the garden all year round, which in some cases would be easily avoided. This is how covered cellar shafts protect the hedgehogs from involuntary intrusion. Because here the animals perish miserably.

»Don't touch hedgehogs:

Furthermore, you should only watch hedgehogs from a distance. Only when you see that the animal is sick should you take care of it and take care of it.


Of course, not only the hedgehogs need some help in winter. The birds also have a hard time in the cold season. Here is our link tip:

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