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Make your own garden decoration out of metal - 2 ideas presented

Make your own garden decoration out of metal - 2 ideas presented

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What would a beautiful garden be without the right decorative objects? We would therefore like to present you two ideas here on how you can make metal garden decorations yourself.

Let your creativity take over your mind and body

Colorful rose balls stuck between the plants, ceramic animals frolicking on stone slabs, or Buddha figures made of granite. These are decorative elements that visually spice up any garden. But almost everyone has to stand in the garden. So here is our suggestion: place garden decorations made of metal in the garden.

This trend is currently in full swing, so be one of the first to have such objects in the garden. Your garden only gets an individual touch when you make such decorative objects yourself. We'll tell you here what you need and 2 ideas for great garden decorations made of metal.

What do you need for it?

A plasma cutter, which is actually used by emergency services, is suitable for processing the metal. However, due to its advantages over other cutting torches, it is also increasingly used in the hobby area. But it's not cheap.

With a hand-held plasma cutter, you can basically process different metals. In principle it works like an inverted welding machine. Because the plasma jet separates the metal instead of joining it together by the heat.

Due to its high cutting speed, you can use a plasma cutter to cut precise and clean cuts and even curved lines. It can also be operated with one hand. There are no limits to your creative possibilities. You can use it to cut filigree patterns and motifs in metal plates.

Make your own garden decoration out of metal - 2 ideas presented

Idea No. 1 - atmospheric lanterns

How about a lantern made of metal that conjures up atmospheric light on the front door in the coming winter? For this you need a sheet metal tube or four metal plates, in which you can cut various patterns with the help of the plasma cutter. For the autumn and winter time, leaves, angels or fir trees are nice ideas for the pattern. So your lantern could e.g. appearance:

Lantern made of metal

And this is how you best make your own lantern:

Step 1:

If you use a sheet metal tube, you must first cut it to the desired height. If you use metal plates, you should also cut them to size.

Step 2:

Then draw the selected pattern with a white pencil and then cut into the tube / metal plates.

Step 3:

If you use metal plates, you must then weld them together. To give your lantern stability, you can also weld a small metal plate on the underside.

Equipped with a tea light or a candle, the lantern now conjures up interesting light effects with its pattern.

Idea No. 2 - figures made of metal

With the help of the plasma cutter you can also make figures out of metal. From a metal plate you can e.g. cut out a complete figure. For example, funny pumpkin heads for Halloween or Santa Claus heads can be created.

You can also cut out individual parts and then weld them together. In this way, the figures are given three-dimensionality. This is a great method especially for angel figures.

Paint your metal figures on top of that


If you weld a metal rod to the figure, you can even stick it into the ground.


A beautiful garden decoration can really be easily and quickly made from a variety of things. With these ideas, however, your garden will become a very individual piece of jewelry.


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