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Garden tips in September

Garden tips in September

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Even if it gets uncomfortable outside now, September is not the end of the gardening season. We'll tell you what else needs to be done.

Planting strawberries: still possible in September Even if autumn begins in late September, there is still a lot to do in the garden. For example, radish or lamb's lettuce can now be sown so that you can harvest it in the same year and have something fresh on your plate for the winter.

Vegetables in September

There are other types of vegetables that you can plant in September and that will bear fruit next spring. Strawberries, parsley, leek, spinach and winter onions can still be brought into the earth. The rhubarb can be divided and transplanted in September - if you want to multiply it.

Flowers in September

In September, you can plant evergreen shrubs, sow pansies or plant autumn crocuses and imperial crowns in the “flower section” of the garden. With the approaching autumn, however, comes the time when you should dig up the first flower bulbs. To avoid damage, take special care. Shorten the top shoots of the bulbs to 10 centimeters, shake off the soil slightly. After that, the onions must be placed in an airy room.

Pick up fruit

The best thing to do is to save the fruit that has fallen from the trees and is no longer used by you. In this way pests are deprived of their food base and containment is restricted.


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