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Planting Sugar Loaf Salad - Here's How

Planting Sugar Loaf Salad - Here's How

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If you want to eat fresh salad from the garden even in winter, you should plant Sugar Loaf Salad. Here is more information about growing, maintaining and harvesting this salad plant.

Sugar Loaf Salad tastes slightly bitter

Unfortunately, the sugar loaf is still one of the rather unknown types of lettuce in our garden beds. This is despite the fact that it is closely related to chicory and that it has to be planted similarly and only needs minimal care.

It is also ideal as a fresh winter salad and can only be used without problems in summer (late June to late July) as a so-called new fruit of e.g. Legumes to be sown.

We would now like to show you how easy it is to grow and maintain the Sugar Loaf Salad. So just give it a try this year and plant Sugar Loaf Salad.

Planting Sugar Loaf Salad:

Of course, you can plant the sugar loaf as a direct sowing in the most nutritious garden bed (row spacing about 40 centimeters). However, it is much easier to use a pre-culture in small planters, which makes growth much easier and the more robust plants can then be used directly on the spot. In this case, planting the sugar loaf is still sufficient in early August.


Well-stocked nurseries even offer sugar loaf plants within their range for sale. The varieties Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto are popular.

Caring for Sugar Loaf Salad Properly:


If you enrich the garden beds with compost before planting, it is usually only a one-off, reduced application of complete fertilizer. Otherwise, if necessary, you should give minimally complete fertilizer, especially after heavy rainy periods - loosen the soil around the plants a little, especially since the sugar loaf can be counted among the root crops.


Sugarloaf is often completely satisfied with organic fertilization. In particular, nettle slurry has proven its worth.

»Control pests:

In principle, the Sugar Loaf is rarely infected by diseases and pests. From time to time, however, its outer leaves rot (e.g. during longer periods of rain). You should then just pluck them off.

And some snails still enjoy this late variety of lettuce and should therefore be removed regularly. (Link tip: snails in the garden - do without these plants)

»Winter protection:

The vitamin-rich sugarloaf plants generally tolerate mild frost temperatures down to around minus 7 degrees, which is why they can be harvested throughout autumn and in milder regions even in winter (until December).

Furthermore, with Sugarloaf Mountain - protected by a fleece - you can also significantly extend the harvest time. Or you can then wrap the plants that have already been harvested in sand, which is particularly recommended during longer rainy periods to prevent them from decaying.

Harvest the Sugar Loaf Salad

You can harvest the first sugarloaf salads from October. Prick the lettuce head including the root ball out of the soil and then dispose of the large leaves.


Sugarloaf Mountain can also be stored in a cool, dry and dark room for some time (several weeks).

By the way:
Sugar loaf, like other chicory, tastes slightly bitter. The bitter taste is significantly minimized by a first slight frost!

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