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Tips for a garden party in spring

Tips for a garden party in spring

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Garden parties are not just something for the summer. If the weather permits, you can also organize a garden party in spring. Here are a few tips.

Spring is also suitable for a (first) garden party

Are you such a garden lover that you are already scratching your hooves when you look through the window into the green area behind the house? In fact, you should allow a few more weeks to move into the country until then. Depending on the weather, it is no shame to limit yourself to planning and preparing for the new season up to and including March.

Spring heralds gardening

It often takes until April for the first warm rays of the sun to invite you to spend part of your free time in the fresh air. When the birds sing, the daffodils add a splash of color, the nose tingles and children in the grass go on an egg hunt, this is a sure sign of the return of spring.

As a rule, April and May are the months when you can sit in the garden with friends and relatives and watch nature wake up. Take the opportunity to hold a small celebration outdoors and to welcome people who mean something to you. So just celebrate a nice garden party in spring. Here are a few tips for organizing.

Tips for a garden party in spring

Tip 1 - seating:

A good prerequisite for celebrating outdoors is, for example, the existence of a seating area or a pavilion under which you and your friends / relatives can make yourself comfortable and at least get some protection from wind and weather.

If you do not have a seating area, you should provide sufficient chairs and tables. For a nice ambience, you can also fit the chairs with cozy seat cushions or colorful decorative elements. If necessary, you can also rent a classic beer tent set, which then invites you to relax.

" Important:

Have a few blankets ready for your guests. Despite the sunshine, it can get a little too cold for one or the other guest.

Tip 2 - decoration:

If you have taken care of enough seating, then you should of course also pay special attention to the decoration. After all, you celebrate spring. So work with bouquets or small pots with individual flowers, petals, colorful serviettes or decorative butterflies.

If your garden party lasts until the evening hours, then of course you have to provide sufficient lighting. For example, very beautiful Lanterns, glasses with floating candles, colorful fairy lights or lanterns. Of course, you can also set up a fire bowl. This creates a particularly nice atmosphere and also keeps your guests warm.

Tip 3 - food:

The best way to ensure your physical well-being is with fresh salads or lovely cakes. But finger food such as small skewers with cheese and grapes or other small delicacies are always a good idea if you are celebrating outside.

It is best to use bowls and plates that are as colorful as possible, as this will underline the motto of your garden party. What is also very nice: decorate your food with edible flowers. This will surely delight your guests.

Tip 4 - grilling:

But what would a spring garden party be without the festive barbecue? You don't even need a cumbersome charcoal grill, because an electric grill also helps with meat preparation and is much easier to use and clean. For example, has a large selection of electric grills that are sure to provide you with juicy steaks and evenly grilled sausages.

The tasty grilled meat also includes a tasty beer or a good wine - and the garden party is a success.

Tip 5 - Music / Games:

So that your guests feel completely comfortable, you can play music or offer various employment opportunities. Table tennis, boules or kubb are ideal games for the garden, which not only children will enjoy.

Otherwise, there are extensive chats where you can indulge in memories or discuss current topics.


Just let your ideas run free when planning the celebration and don't limit yourself with a strict schedule or program schedule. In addition, do not forget to take photos so that the party will be remembered for a long time and you can surprise former guests with the pictures years later.

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